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Informations about Saattut


Settlement Saattut is in Qaasuitsup Kommunia in the West-Greenland, Population of Saattut is aprox. 250 in 2010 September.

There are no tourist-office in Saattut, mostly tourists came with a big-boat from Uummannaq twice a week in summertime.

AirGreenland have a route from Uummanna to Saattut twice a week, Monday + Wednesday

If you wanna experience Greenlandic hospitality, or just wanna spend a day or two days in Saattut, you would get a life-time experience. And if you are member of hospitality service (Couchsurfing) you might can have a local accomodation. There are no hotels or hostles in Saattut, but if you wanna stay, i can help you to finding a room or house to rent, maybe max. 1 week. and i can make arrangements of your request, it can be that you wanna try some local food, hunting, fishing, and meeting local family.


Saattut is a little island in the Uummannaq-fjord in around 70degrees north, and surrounded by mountains, and some of mountains have a shapes that never seen in anywhere in the world. Like a Sleeping Mans Face (as you can see in the top of the page) that face can only be seen from Saattut, because the mountain is made of different spikes, you can only see the face from Saattut, (pefect angle)




Pictures of Saattut

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